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Requirement Engineering

Being crucial for the success in­tro­duc­tion of new soft­ware and sys­tems, a cle­ar de­fi­ni­ti­on of re­qui­re­ment relies on an ex­act un­der­stan­ding of the in­ter­nal work­flow and the way users work. With Sky Shine's ex­per­ti­se in Re­qui­re­ments En­gi­nee­ring, we sup­port you with a suc­cess­ful in­tro­duc­tion of new sys­tems into ex­is­ting IT land­scapes and also help to coach and train you in es­ta­blis­hing di­sci­pli­ne of re­qui­re­ment en­gi­nee­ring in your com­pa­ny.


To meet specific needs of a specific client/business (the case with custom software), to meet a perceived need of some set of potential users (the case with commercial and open source software), or for personal use (e.g. a scientist may write software to automate a mundane task), our way of system design is state-of-art.


Being proficient in the classic waterfall and cutting-edge agile, Sky Shine's always ensure the system development being on users' demand and deliver them in a timely manner. We take care of the trendsetting iteration of system and further maintainence, from comprehensive enterprise systems to portable mobile apps.


Sky Shine is skilled in the complex endeavor of a critical aspect of the software development lifecycle. Knowing deployment strategy early, our test-driven system deployment meets all high industry standrads, involves all stakeholders and includes comprehensive user training and rolled release of the fully developed systems. Rest assured, lines of business are brought up successively to work out any kinks in the system prior to a complete transfer of business from legacy systems.


Market development is a growth strategy that identifies and develops new market segments for current products. A market development strategy targets non-buying customers in currently targeted segments. It also targets new customers in new segments. A market development strategy entails expanding the potential market through new users or new uses.