International Logistics

International Logistics

 The core businesses performed at Sky Shine group see high demand on the movement of goods and services. Naturally effective logistics plays a key role in Sky Shine’s daily operation, from which we gain experiences in leveraging the digital technology to control the quality of logistic since day one. We have put in a great amount of initial investment on building a solid infrastructure of our digital assets, by purchasing and circulating commercial products.

Medical and Healthcare Supplies

Our next major growth point, medical and healthcare supplies, outline an overland supply chain originated from the North America, travelling across the pacific, then Australasia, then Asia.

Smart Supply Chain Management

As a pioneer to smart supply chain manangement, we have been co-working with Australian Univerisities to forge our market-oriented, self-relied modern supply chain and we put in great investment to keep it iterating in a long run. We are also actively involved in several key national industry-academic collaboration projects.